Reasons Every Business Must Have A Website

Are you planning a business or have an existing one?
Are you thinking of how to start it right or you felt that you are not growing the way you want it to be?

I bet, maybe you don’t have an online presence and therefore missing a virtual recognition.

As of now 40% of small and medium-sized businesses in the world don’t see the need for a website. This is a stunning status! Here are few good reasons why every business needs a website or an upgrade to a better one. Let’s tackle some questions:

A. Why I couldn’t find your business?

Right now, a website is seen as a business basic and no-one wants to deal with a company that’s not serious about business. Thanks to super fast, low cost, home broadband and the latest generation of smart phones virtually everyone’s on-line now. The barriers of search have all been dismantled.  Your company won’t stand a chance if it doesn’t show up in the search results when a potential customer is looking for precisely what you’re selling.

B. Look who is watching?

What’s a better reason for getting your business online as fast as possible? Because your competitors are already there!

Not convinced?  Take a look if you don’t believe me; imagine you’re a potential customer and do some research on Google. Enter some relevant keywords and see who shows up. These are the companies you’ll need to compete with. And right now they are taking business which could be yours.

The days when the simple fact of having a brick & mortar business made you stand out from the crowd are long gone. No website means you won’t be taken seriously.

These days, people use the Internet to check price comparison before making purchasing decisions. If you aren’t online, your customers are researching – and buying from – companies who are.

C. Is your store open 24/7?

Did you know, you can open your store 24/7 if you have a website? Or while you’re out having fun on the weekends, your website will happily mind the store. Even in the dead of night people can loop up directions, send messages, find out your opening hours, ask FAQs and browse details of the latest special offers. Yes! Your website can be set to reply to customers in your time of sleep.

D. How to boost your sales?

Think of your website like a shop front. A place where you can display products, promote special offers and stimulate sales.

e-Commerce is exploding and you should compete for a slice of this growing market. And if your business is more service based you can use your website to generate leads and attract new clients. Projections for the growth of online business continue to look robust despite the recession. Without a website your business risks falling by the wayside.

E. Do you have great customer service?

A website is a great place to display the answers to those all important FAQs. Directing people to look on line will reduce the time your staff needs to spend answering questions on the phone. By giving people easy access to the information they want online you’ll reduce cost in other areas.

With a good content strategy you will build trust, educate and enhance your professional image. Make sure it is super-easy to contact you. You want feedback – even if it’s negative – because it gives you the change to engage and win people over.

F. Do you have flexible online catalogue?

At some level your website functions as your online brochure. Of course it can be so much more than this but it’s definitely a key factor. Unlike the expensive hard copy brochures of old your website is agile, editable and flexible. Most modern websites are built around an easy to use Content Management System which allows you to make changes whenever the need arises.

These days people prefer to travel light rather than lug around several kilos of glossy brochure. It’s good for the planet and helps with your bottom line too.

G.  Show your business excellence!

What better place than your website to let the world know why other people think you’re fabulous. Testimonials and case studies crammed full of positive quotes from happy customers will instill confidence. Displaying the details of awards you’ve won recently and industry accreditations will encourage people to get in touch.

Customers are heavily influenced by the opinions of other people. Use whatever you have to create a positive impression.

H. Are you reaching your market?

Once you launch your business online you are link from everywhere. Of course you’ll want your website address on your business cards and on your letterhead. You should also include it across your social media, add any articles you’ve written and display ads you’re running.

The easiest way to build a business these days is your ONLINE PRESENCE! 

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