Google Domains Cost, Uses and More

What is Google Domains

As of January 2015, Google Domains was a free domain registration service provided by Google. It helps you register a domain name that can be used with any other website platforms.

Is Google Domain also has a Host?

You will need to purchase hosting separately if you wish to launch website if you use Google Domains. 

Unlike many other registrars, Google Domains does not offer hosting complementary to its domain registration services (excluding Google Sites, which is pretty limited).

For lowest cPanel WEB HOSTING, we find the most affordable one at $.2.49/month, that’s only $29.88 per year. We never see them increase the price since 2012. 

Does Google Domains offer a Privacy Protection?

Privacy protection is included for free with Google Domains, unlike many domain registrars that charge for it

But who wants Privacy Protection when you want your own business be known that you are the real owner?

Of course, you need to broadcast in public you are the founder of such business, well unless you bought the domain to fraud people. Does that makes sense? 

What about Google Domains Pricing?

The Google Domains pricing isn’t always the most affordable option but it‘s more affordable for many popular extensions than much of the competition

With Google Domains, youll know precisely what the domain name will cost before you buy it.

Some domain registrars offer big  discounts  for  the  first  year, but then raise the price when you renew. For example, you may find a promo price of  $1.99 for the first year, but then charges to $17.99 or $24.99 when you renew. Always be watchful of the small writings below a promo. 

But there is the that offers a flat rate transparent domain price too. They have been offering a very affordable Domains since 2012. 

Google Domains DNS

Google Domains gives you access to Googles Cloud DNS, which is powered by Googles own infrastructure, so  you  get  premium  speeds at no additional cost.

By the way, DNS, or Domain Name System, is the system that connects your domain name with your web server. Its often referred to as the phonebook of the Internet“.

*SPECIAL NOTE: If you are planning to create a website by yourself, it’s ok to use Google Domains, but if you will be hiring someone else to design and set-up your website, you might want to transfer your DOMAIN to another registrar, as your hired web designer needs the access to your Domain DNS with your Personal Google Account. Or you can ask your web designer help you with the DNS configurations.