The 3 Important Things You Will Need for Your Website.

Let me explain this topic in layman’s term because I have been asked often by some of the non-tech savvy business owners on how the website really works and how much would it cost.

There are 3 major components necessary for your website to operate in the internet. There’s a one-time design fee, an annual domain name fee (a.k.a. your online name & address), and the monthly hosting fee.

How it works? Please read the following explanation below:


1. Domain Name –  this serves as your business name and business address for the clients to be able to find you in the internet and must be registered and renewed annually. Getting the best name, it is important to think of a name that people will remember easily; short, precise and should be in relevance to what your are offering. All domain name must be registered and paid every year like your physical business license, and therefore needs annual renewal. Cost ranges from $9.99 (on first time registration to $14.99 for renewal. LA Website Designs will offer this for free for the Premium and E-Commerce plans.

2. The Website Designs & Pages -Like a book, web site is compose of pages and images. This is a complete presentation of your business virtually. Therefore, the looks and functionality are very critical. You need a powerful design to attract customers and must suit your branding. Payment for the design is only one time which is often called “website system set-up and designs”. Some websites may need updating or tweaking once in a while. Payment for the maintenance cost can be done on a per job or per hour basis. Depending on the client requirements.

3. Web Hosting – is best described as the virtual office RENTAL FEE. The same as in the physical store, this rental fee is paid monthly. Cost varies from $2.49/month and up. Depending on the website plan. LA Web Design Pro guaranteed to have the lowest hosting plan in the market.

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