How to Promote Your Website

The first step to website promotion is submission your URL to the top Search Engine sites such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. In case you don’t know, submitting your website URL to these search engines is free and easy to do.

Why do we need to submit our website URL to these search engines? They are the first tools that Internet users utilize when making an online search for just about anything.
So, when people visit your website, you build website traffic. Whatever your business is about, your website’s success depends on it’s visitors.

Is Website URL Submission the same as Search Engine Optimization? The answer is NO.
Search engine submission is the initial step or process that can get your site listed or indexed on search engine listings. Although it’s sometimes called search engine optimization, the two processes are totally different. Search Engine Optimization has a bigger task as a whole. The method involves improving a website’s ranking on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

How Search Engines Work?
When internet searchers type in words or keywords they are looking for, Search Engines database analyzed and produced list of websites with matching keywords. Just take note, search engines do not see images, video content, or JavaScript. Although these features can help your website user-friendly and visually appealing, they do nothing to boost your search visibility or rankings. Even the most aesthetically pleasing designed website needs to be readable by the search engines algorithm.

So, before doing any search engine submission, it’s important to enhance your website’s “spider ability”, sometimes called “robots”. It’s important for the spiders to crawl each of your webpages so that all parts of your site are indexed.

Google, Yahoo, and Bing each have a dedicated search engine submission page for submitting a URL. All you have to do is enter your site’s URL and fill out the necessary fields. Upon submission, your website is then placed in a queue and after some time, indexed by spider. By the way, Yahoo & Bing submissions site had joined together under BING link here.

Is There Another Tip to Boost Your Site?
Another way search engine submission can help in increasing search engine traffic is when your site has strong inbound and outbound links. When spiders crawl all over your website, they look at your hyperlinks and the information in the pages the hyperlinks point to. Moreover, when a search engine picks up a link that points to your website (called a backlink), your website can be indexed faster.

What is Paid Search Engine Submission?
Although Google and Yahoo offer their search engine submission pages for free, they also have paid website submission programs that can guarantee quick indexing of your webpages.

For example in Yahoo, you’ll be charged every time someone clicks on your website from the search results. So, in the event that you run out of funds, your rankings may go down. Nonetheless, even if you run out of money to pay Yahoo, your site, in all probability will have garnered a significant amount of backlinks, making the venture to quite worth the money expended.

As for Google, their paid search engine submission service is in the form of Google AdWords. Your website, which can appear in the listings quickly, is in ad form and would be located above or at the right side of the regular search results. Google charges a per-click fee on top of activation fee and other charges.

Last tools how to promote your website is creating account in famous Social Media.

Social Media is now taking the storm as a marketing platform to to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic.

This involves publishing great content on your social media profiles, analyzing your audience, and running social media advertisements.

The major social media platforms (at the moment) are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat.

There are also a range of social media management tools that help businesses to get the most out of the social media platforms listed above.


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