What is Facebook Page and How to Create One?

Facebook page are sometimes called your Facebook Business Page or Fan Page. That’s different from your personal Facebook Account. You can only create a Facebook Business Page if you have a Facebook account. Your one personal account has the privilege of having one or more Fan Page. To many business owners, the Facebook page is an extension of your business. Its best practice to promote your business separate from your personal page so as not to populate your personal account of other information but you.

1. Why Create a Facebook Page? – Your Facebook business page can potentially get promoted to 1.19 BILLION USERS around the world depending on your post or Ad targeting. Yes Facebook has grown this rocket fast and those users are logged-in every minute of the day due to Facebook App that is accessible from any gadgets with internet connection. Facebook can help business owners with their business promotion in so many ways with your Fan Page.

If you go to YouTube, you can find tons of business owners and influencers earning from half to a million a month with their products because of Facebook Ads.

2. Prepare Your Facebook Fan Page – But before starting a Facebook page, one must be ready with a profile picture and cover photo. Depending on your business, you might want to get professional photos from the professional photo vendor with license, such as Dreamstime or simply using photographs you take from your phone camera will work.

3. No Marketing Expenses – Starting a Facebook business page will actually costs you nothing. NO fees. Posting on your Facebook page is FREE and that’s one simple way of advertising.

Learn how to create a Facebook Page and create an online presence, build an audience and manage your Page from your desktop computer and mobile device. Click here how to get started with Facebook Business Page =>> https://www.facebook.com/business/learn/set-up-Facebook-page

When you are already well versed with Facebook you may choose the paid Ad to get real customers. This is how others are making millions so you wanna jump to it.

Click here how to get started with Facebook Advertising =>> https://www.facebook.com/business/

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