Choosing The Right Domain Name

I’m sure you are reading this in search for a right domain. Business Domain Name is what a person would type into their browser address bar for your website to come up. By the way, the domain name that’s attached to your website is also known as a URL, it’s the short for Uniform Resource Locators. 

Most business owners just jump into getting Domain Names to reserve out of curiosity or for their future business not knowing few harm it could do to their Business if not chosen right.

First, let’s talk about “How To Get A Domain Name”

To get a domain name, you need to go to a domain registrar like Domain Sales Check and enter in business name you’d like for your website. Instantly, it will tell you if it’s available.

Always register your domain name for at least a 2 to 5 years period as this tells the search engines you’re serious about your website, and you are not just a fly by night. Domain is cheaper buying this way as renewal price will have a flat rate for that period. 

Choosing The Right Domain Name

 1) It’s best to get a domain name which describes what your website is about to the search engines. Ideally, you want a domain name that’s memorable and sticks to the mind of your reader or what people search about. Highly recommended are those that end in .com if it is still available.

If the .com extension is taken, you could use another exchange like .net, .io, .us, .info, .org, .tv, or .biz , , the registrar site will suggest more, but often times these domain extensions charge more on the renewal. 

2) Second BIG thing to avoid is placing special characters such as DASH (-), Underscore ( _ ) or numbers. always think or what people type in the search engine. 

3) Third tip is making the domain as short as possible. One or two words are enough. When you abbreviate your domain, it may not appear, unless you are hiding something on purpose. 

4) Be careful also how your domain name looks like when all the words are together with no spaces. Sometimes words gives new funny meaning when read as one word. Here are few wrong name ideas…
www.WhoRepresents .com is site for celebrities, NOT representing ladies of the night: www.WhorePresents .com.

PenIsland .net is where you go get great pen. But it can be read as www.PenisLand .net.

TherapistFinder .com is where you go if you’re in the need of a Therapist. But it could be read as www.TheRapistFinder .com. Got it! Funny but do you see what I mean?

Registering Your Own Name

NOTE: Your DOMAIN NAME is already registered at the time of your purchase. If after you bought your domain, someone emails or text you trying to fraud about your domain registration, that’s scammers. Get an advise from professional web designer before purchasing domains or planning a website.