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How to Promote Your Website

SEO and URL Submission

The first step to website promotion is submission your URL to the top Search Engine sites such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. In case you don’t know, submitting your website URL to these search engines is free and easy to do. Why do we need to submit our website URL to these search engines? They are the first tools that Internet users utilize when making an online search for just about anything. So, when people visit your website, you…

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The 3 Important Things You Will Need for Your Website.

Let me explain this topic in layman’s term because I have been asked often by some of the non-tech savvy business owners on how the website really works and how much would it cost. There are 3 major components necessary for your website to operate in the internet. There’s a one-time design fee, an annual domain name fee (a.k.a. your online name & address), and the monthly hosting fee. How it works? Please read the following explanation below: 1. Domain Name –  this serves…

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Reasons Every Business Must Have A Website

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Are you planning a business or have an existing one? Are you thinking of how to start it right or you felt that you are not growing the way you want it to be? I bet, maybe you don’t have an online presence and therefore missing a virtual recognition. As of now 40% of small and medium-sized businesses in the world don’t see the need for a website. This is a stunning status! So here are few good reasons why…

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